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Small Talk Studio

Send your own garment

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A big part of Small Talk Studio’s ethos is to use a slow, intentional process in order to lengthen the lifespan of a piece of clothing, whether it is new at the start or already has some wear, and working with existing items from your closet that you already know and love is often the best way to do this.

So if you have a piece of clothing in mind that needs to be given a new life, you can send it to be drawn and embroidered on. Not all pieces are a good match for this, but if you have something that is similar in fabric type and/or color to any of the clothing items listed on this site (i.e. white jeans, natural or off-white denim jacket, light colored chinos, a white cotton blouse or dress), this is a good option. Note: we will not be sourcing garments for your piece. This option requires that you have a garment to send us. Once your order is placed, please contact us at to coordinate shipping your piece.

As with other custom items, please send us a list of some things you're interested in- nostalgic references, significant personal objects, words, art pieces, food items, music, etc. Let it be a stream of consciousness- the more the better. We'll choose just a few things to riff on for your piece, but it helps to have more than we need to work with. Add embroidered elements for an additional fee. This may be in the form of a monogram or small ornamental accent.